As you know, this has been a year of unprecedented school closures due to severe weather. It has been an unfortunate occurrence and a major inconvenience for many families; therefore, we are making our best efforts to provide a few replacement days of preschool this year. First, Pulaski Day, celebrated on Monday, March 3rd, will now be an attendance day at SLC. Second, one additional day of preschool has been added to our calendar at the end of the year. The last day of school will now be Thursday, June 5th, and our traditional “Send-off Ceremony” for children heading to Kindergarten has been moved to the 5th as well.

I would like to thank all of the parents for their patience and understanding and I would like to thank the SLC staff for their graciousness and flexibility with respect to this change in our calendar.

Unfortunately, with the additional piles of snow, parking lot challenges have intensified. We are fortunate to have a parking lot for our school – not many do; however, any misuse, including double parking, alley parking, or parking in handicap spaces is not allowed and poses a serious safety issue. School parking lots all over Evanston are experiencing this same issue; therefore, the Evanston Police Department will be frequenting the parking lot and cars will be ticketed if they are parked illegally. Please share this information with caregivers, grandparents, etc.

Please keep in mind that I am stationed at the Lake Street door every morning from 9:10-9:30 am and you are welcome to park along Lake Street and easily slip in the side door without even getting cold! It’s a great chance for me to say hello and help alleviate some parking congestion at the same time.