Parent Teacher Conference Parent Teacher Conferences will take place at the end of this week and we are all looking forward to meeting with you!  Throughout the school year, teachers are observing and documenting your child’s progress in four core domains of early childhood development – social/emotional, physical, language/literacy, and cognitive.  You may recall, we only focused on the social/emotional area during fall conferences.  At your conference this week, we will share our observations in all four areas via SLC’s Reporting Document.

School for Little Children is a “play-based, developmental” preschool.  As early childhood educators, we know that development typically unfolds in progressive steps along a continuum.  There is a sequence of steps to expect as a child progresses along the continuum and it is important to remember that each child progresses at his/her own pace. It is also important to remember that our Reporting Document continuums cover 2-3 years of development. Our goal is to support children wherever they land on the continuum and provide purposeful play opportunities for further growth.

Most importantly, we know that real growth takes place in the context of genuine relationships.  We strive to make sure every child feels safe, valued and fully included in our classroom communities.  Within this caring climate, teachers are able to observe, encourage and support your children as they grow.  We are eager to share what we know and we are excited about our continued journey in the remaining months of this school year.

Thanks for reading!