Three years ago, the SLC Governing Board approved the first of its kind, three year strategic plan. The purpose was to guide the direction of the school and help with planning, resource allocation and decision-making as we moved forward. Four strategic priorities were identified, including an important focus on Curriculum Enhancement. As a result, our staff has selected, studied and discussed several new curriculum resources and implemented numerous new practices based on current research in early childhood education.   

In turn, as the current school year opens, our classrooms look a little different with the addition of “art studios”, enhanced writing centers, improved classroom libraries, and Morning Messages posted on easels to kick off the daily morning meeting.  The SLC Book Room is transformed from a “catch all book closet” to a well organized space filled with themed bins of books, literacy based table activities, and read-along audio books for our listening stations.  In addition, we welcomed a Curriculum Coach to our staff last year and she continues to lead us in trainings and book studies where we learn more about research based practices, current educational resources and recent advances in the field of early childhood education.

As we open our doors this fall, the professional energy within the walls of our school is elevated. Those who attended our recent Curriculum Connection Night for parents could feel it and the momentum continues to build.  We are poised and ready to launch a school year like none other!

Carol Teske
SLC Director