1930s-carSchool for Little Children was established in 1934 “for the purposes of guiding the development of children of Nursery School and Kindergarten ages, three to five years”. Dr. Paul Austin Wolke, then minister of the First Presbyterian Church, who had young children of his own, appealed for help from National College of Education and the new preschool was open.

In the 1970s, School for Little Children rapidly expanded, almost doubling in size. Leading the area in inclusive education, the preschool recruited children with special needs, as well as teaching aides to support them.

Islc-history-1n 2000, through a partnership between First Presbyterian Church and First Church of God Christian Life Center, plans to expand once again included the opening of a full day, infant toddler program for children from all socio-economic backgrounds. This initiative grew from the need to address the absence of high quality, affordable childcare to meet the growing demand, amplified by welfare reform. This satellite site, located at 1524 Simpson, was called School for Little Children North.

Although School for Little Children and the sponsoring churches, widely recognized for their focus on community service, continued to provide quality childcare through financially challenging times, it became apparent that the closing of the new infant/toddler school was imminent and SLC North closed on October 15, 2004.

Presently, School for Little Children is an independent school that celebrates diversity and welcomes families of all faiths. A Financial Assistance Program is in place to provide support for quality early education for all who apply. The preschool program located on Chicago Avenue currently serves close to 150 children in a part-time setting.