Individual Differences, Part I: Signs of Ease

Individual Differences, Part I: Signs of Ease

This post is part of a five post series on Individual Differences.

This fall, we welcome 183 children to our school community, each with a different temperament, learning style and personality.  With so many children to get to know, we begin by focusing on what makes each one unique.  Observation is key.  Knowing how one takes in information is essential as we create a safe environment where learning can truly take place.   (more…)

The Gift of Opportunity

On July 16th, a beloved family foundation gave School for Little Children a tremendous gift – the Gift of Opportunity.  With a generous donation, we were able to turn a vision into a reality for our school, our staff and our children.  How very fortunate we feel to accept such a heartfelt contribution and how deeply we appreciate the gesture!

What is this all about?  (more…)

Preschool Language Development

One of the advantages of sitting just outside of preschool classrooms all day is having the privilege of listening to the conversations that flow out from each room.  A few weeks ago there was spectacular interchange between Jo-Jo and a three year old boy in the Red Room regarding the baby in his tummy! I hear the most fascinating stories articulated in the most interesting ways.

Language absorption peaks during the period of time between 18 months and 3 years of age.  Yet as we all know, there is more to communication than just understanding the spoken work.  Communication involves speaking with and to someone, getting feed back, and composing a response (verbal or non-verbal). (more…)

A Banner Year for SLC

Three years ago, the SLC Governing Board approved the first of its kind, three year strategic plan. The purpose was to guide the direction of the school and help with planning, resource allocation and decision-making as we moved forward. Four strategic priorities were identified, including an important focus on Curriculum Enhancement. As a result, our staff has selected, studied and discussed several new curriculum resources and implemented numerous new practices based on current research in early childhood education.    (more…)