Individual Differences, Part I: Signs of Ease

This post is part of a five post series on Individual Differences.

This fall, we welcome 183 children to our school community, each with a different temperament, learning style and personality.  With so many children to get to know, we begin by focusing on what makes each one unique.  Observation is key.  Knowing how one takes in information is essential as we create a safe environment where learning can truly take place.  

What do we look for?  It’s helpful to notice where a child feels most secure – we take note of what area of the room he/she chooses to begin the day.  Is it a snuggly bean bag chair, an open area on the rug, with a group of friends, or quietly enjoying a book?  We look for signs of ease because we know we’ll connect faster and bond more deeply if we are able to give children the time to adjust to their surroundings on their own terms.

This can be helpful for parents during play dates, running carpools and in backyards, too!   Giving children (your own, as well as their playmates) the gift of time to help regulate may make the difference between a stressful encounter and a successful play experience.

Carol Teske
SLC Director