This post is part of a five post series on Individual Differences.

At SLC, 87% of our school population is made up of Evanston residents, while 13% live in Skokie, Wilmette, Chicago and Glencoe.  We would not consider ourselves a neighborhood school in that our families live all over the Evanston area.  In fact, last year, SLC children fanned out to 26 different kindergartens!  

Regardless of where anyone comes from, or where they are headed, it is our task to create classrooms where children feel safe, help one another and see themselves as part of a group.  We strive to help children understand how to treat other people and how they want to be treated by others; to cooperate, negotiate and make and keep friends; to resolve problems that inevitably arise.  These are not easy skills to acquire – they take time, practice, direct teaching and lots of support from home.

Carol Teske
SLC Director