Lunch Programs

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn is available for children enrolled in our 3s and 4s classes on the days which they attend school. Starting September 18th, L&L runs from 12:00-2:00 PM and provides time for the children to eat lunch (brought from home), engage in gross motor play, and participate in a 30 minute enrichment class. 23/24 Enrichment activities will be announced soon.

Stay & Play

In an effort to provide some children with a small group play experience, we are offering a program called Stay & Play; a small, guided social group led by a Child Development Specialist.  Each 75-minute session will include time for eating lunch and ample opportunities for the children to acquire new skills like sharing ideas, solving problems, taking turns and thinking in flexible ways. 

Registration for Stay & Play is based on teacher recommendation.  If you are interested in having your child participate, please contact one of their teachers after the school year begins.

2023/2024 Lunch & Learn

Session I Session II Session III
Dates Price Dates Price Dates Price
Monday 9/18-12/18 $230 1/22-3/18 $138 4/1-5/20 $138
Tuesday 9/19-12/19 $299 1/9-3/19 $253 4/2-5/21 $184
Wednesday 9/20-12/20 $299 1/10-3/20 $253 4/3-5/22 $184
Thursday 9/21-12/21 $276 1/11-3/21 $253 4/4-5/16 $161