Q&A Phase 1: Planning for Re-opening

To better understand our health, safety and licensing requirements it is important to know that SLC is licensed as a Child Care Facility.  


Under what conditions will School for Little Children open for in-person learning in the Fall?
  • SLC is planning to re-open for in-person learning in September 2020. Under current guidelines, Child Care facilities are allowed to open during Phase 3 or Phase 4. Illinois is currently in Phase 3, and expected to move into Phase 4 on June, 26, 2020.
  • If we are unable to re-open on the planned first day of school, September 8th,
How will SLC ensure the safety of children and staff while at school?
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • Children/Staff will remain in stable groups at all times, and we will stagger movement throughout the building to accommodate social distancing.
  • Enhanced sanitizing & hand washing protocols.
  • Required face coverings for all adults, including parents and caregivers at drop off and pick up. It is also strongly encouraged that all children over the age of two wear face masks, when possible, though we realize this will be difficult for some children and from time to time. SLC will work with staff and families to assist children with this transition.
  • Signage throughout the facility on ways to prevent the spread of germs.
What will drop-off look like under the new guidelines?
  • Daily temperature checks for parents, children and staff upon entering the building.
  • Parents/Caregivers may enter the building but not the classrooms.
  • Staggered start times, to allow for social distancing.
  • Children must change into school shoes.
How do the guidelines from the CDC, IDPH and DCFS affect programming at SLC?
  • SLC is working to adjust the classes to accommodate all levels, but we may have to request changes for some families given the regulations we must follow.
  • For the first four weeks of operation, SLC must operate with reduced group sizes. All classes will begin with 10 children/2 teachers.
  • With DCFS approval, SLC will begin to increase class size (to a maximum of 15 children) in order to accommodate all of our interested families.
What are some additional changes in programming that families can expect?
  • Virtual Enrichment lessons, i.e. yoga or music, may be projected on a large screen in the classroom so the children can still experience enrichment activities with their peers, though the instructor may not be in the classroom.
  • We will suspend our programs for children under two (Little Explorers, Toddler Time or Baby & Me).
  • We will suspend our Early Care and Lunch Program as we get up and running. If allowed, we will try to introduce small lunch groups during the school year.