Daily Routines

A typical day at SLC includes…

Free Choice

Children engage in self-directed play, while teachers guide their  learning.  Areas of exploration include, but are not limited to: table top activities, the art studio, sensory table, dramatic play area, block building, reading, the writing center and the science table.

Large Motor Play

Children spend at least 30 minutes of every day in our Bike Room, our full-size gym or outside at Raymond Park. The age of the children and the weather helps determine where each class will go on a given day.

Group Time

 Daily gatherings use a consistent format for friendly greetings, sharing of news, literacy activities, active listening, acquiring pro-social skills, and more!

Snack Time

The school provides a nut-free snack for the entire class, and families take turns providing fresh fruit, vegetables or cheese to accompany it.


Every week, children enrolled in our half-day programs enjoy music with Jamberry Music or Joel Frankel.  Those enrolled in our extended day programs (including Lunch & Learn and After Care), are also offered Yoga with I HeArt Yoga, Dance with DIME, Spanish with Isabelle, Gym with Jumpin’ Julie, and Art with Erin Hayden.