Snack Policy

The children are served a snack each day they attend school. Per our DCFS licensing requirements, we must offer two of the following food groups:

• Fruit (no grapes please)
• Vegetables
• Cheese (slices only, no sticks or cubes)
• Grains (SLC provides)

On a rotating basis, we ask each family to voluntarily bring a fruit, veggie OR cheese option for the whole class. If a family is unable to provide the snack, we have applesauce or raisins on site as an alternative. SLC provides the grain (pretzels or graham crackers) and water to drink. The fruit/veggies must be washed and prepared at school. A few safe and preferable fruit/veggie options are below:

Bananas ♦ Apples ♦ Clementines ♦ Berries ♦ Cucumbers ♦ Sweet Peppers ♦ Snap Peas

The snack list may be modified depending on the allergies in your child’s classroom.