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slc-support-1Since our founding in 1934, SLC has relied on the generosity of our entire parent, grandparent, alumni, and friend community. This community supports our vibrant early learning environment by volunteering its time and talents, and also by offering its financial support to the school.  We are grateful for your ongoing support!

Tuition alone does not provide all the funds necessary to run SLC.  It also takes time, talent, and financial contributions to sustain the programs in which our children flourish.  

This year in particular due, to the pandemic, SLC is running at a significant operating deficit. In order to maintain our quality programming this year and for many years to come we are kindly asking our community for financial support. Below is a list of fundraising opportunities SLC benefits from. We are grateful to our families, friends, and alumni for your support!

How you can help School for Little Children.

annual fund

give the gift of community

scholarship garden

give the gift of belonging

teacher appreciation fund

give the gift of thanks

mickey's children's fund

give the gift of hope

fundrasing events

get the gift of fun