Support SLC

slc-support-1Since our founding in 1934, SLC has relied on the generosity of our entire parent, grandparent, alumni and friend community. This community supports teaching and learning by volunteering its time and talents, and also by offering its financial support to the school.  We are grateful for your ongoing support!

Tuition alone does not provide all the funds necessary to run SLC.  It also takes time, talent, and financial contributions to sustain the programs in which our children flourish.  Parents are asked to participate in all areas of our fundraising program, including the Annual Fund, Annual Benefit event, and Teacher Appreciation Fund.  In addition, we are re-energizing our efforts to increase our Financial Assistance program so we can provide Tuition Scholarships to families to decrease financial hurdles to children’s enrollment in our program.

There are other ways we may ask parents to get involved throughout the school year, including serving as a member of our Governing Board or Parent Committee, helping in the classrooms and volunteering for special projects.  We are grateful for the many parents, alumni, and other friends who donate their time to SLC.

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who have supported our school so far in the 2016-2017 school year. We extend our sincere thanks.

Mickey’s Children’s Fund

Oscar Chute Foundation

Rotary Club of Evanston

2016-2017 Annual Fund Donors2016-2017 Annual Benefit Donors
Molly & Ricardo Aceves
Catherine Al-Jassar
Gina Ballard
Michael Baskin
Adriana & Hal Beyer
Kira & John Bigwood
David & Jennifer Blickenstaff
Brinshore Development
Mike & Chrissy Cornell
Kiki Demopoulos & Dave Hessert
Amy & Tim Ditchman
Brad Dunlap & Stephanie Davis
David & Terri Jo Englund
James & Karen Erickson
Janet Gregori
Betsy & Jim Haberl
John & Alison Haberl
Tanya & Scott Henry
Lisa Itamura & Robert Kanard
Kevin & Katie Kelly
Thomas & Kim Klamm
Traci & Marty Laffey
Kathy Lamb
Lucy & Brian Lubinsky
Karen & Matt McLeod
Meade & Billy Means
Sheila Merry
Kristin & Glen Mueller
John & Patricia O'Brien
Katie & Erik Ojala
Jennifer Moreno-Reddick & Christopher Reddick
Walter & Jeanne Reed
Aldreia Lando & Silvio Ribeiro
Katie & Josh Rubin
Kelly & Gerick Short
Celeste Stolz
Ken & Mary Sullivan
Lee Clifford & Jerry Useem
The SLC Governing Board
The SLC Parent Committee
First Bank & Trust of Evanston
Molly & Ricardo Aceves
Martha & Paul Arntson
Adriana & Hal Beyer
Kate Bierma & Joseph Marshak
Kira & John Bigwood
Beth & James Bodan
Lindsay & Anthony Broad-Crawford
Chrissy & Mike Cornell
Brad Dunlap & Stephanie Davis
Terri Jo & David Englund
Francine Ex & Charlie Portis
Kat & Troy Foster
Jenna & Mike Harrington
Erin & John Harris
Tanya & Scott Henry
Katie & Kevin Kelly
Meghann & Shawn Kohli
Traci & Marty Laffey
A.J. Livsey
Jaquelyn & Richard Lowe
Lucy & Brian Lubinsky
Pam & Joseph Malone
Meade & Billy Means
Vicky Mertz
Deepa Nair & John Bifulco
Maggie Nichols & Firas Wehbe
Rebecca & Sy Nguyen
Theresa & John O'Brien
Katie Ojala
Maria & Jesse Opdycke
Daniel Rupp
Susannah Schmid & Matt Szwajkowski
Kathy & Daniel Shiau
Kelly & Gerick Short
The Skee League
Lindsay Stevens
Celeste Stolz
Kathleen Tribble-Strong
Robin & Brian Velo
Claire Weingarden & Joe Monaghan
Emily & Randy Wexler