Annual Fund

This year 15% of our operating budget comes from donors like you.
When the community works together, we are stronger.

When you think back to when your child was at School for Little Children, what memories stand out? We’re guessing that your fondest ones had something to do with the wonderful teachers – their warmth, their creativity, their holistic care not only for your child, but your entire family as well.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our teachers have been asked to do a lot more than what they usually do. Providing emotional support for children and their parents, and maintaining a strict cleaning protocol are just two examples of their expanded role. The SLC community is deeply grateful for the incredible commitment our teachers have made in this season.

While we continue to live through these challenging times, we need your help. Not only do we want to retain and reward our current teachers, but we want to be able to continue to recruit high caliber teachers by attracting them through how we develop and care for them. Tuition typically covers only 85% of SLC’s expenses. We are relying on generous donations from parents, alumni, and friends of SLC to account for the remaining 15% the school needs to keep its doors open.

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