Teacher Appreciation Fund

What Is It?

The SLC Governing Board and Parent Committee are pleased to announce a streamlined way to show our appreciation for SLC’s fabulous teachers: the Teacher Appreciation Fund (TAF).  This fund allows families to donate to one central fund, which is then distributed in the form of biannual bonuses to SLC’s staff.  Donations to the TAF enables our school community to recognize all of our teachers in an equitable manner.

While participation in the Teacher Appreciation Fund is voluntary, we hope you will consider making a contribution.  The suggested annual contribution is $75 per family, but donations in any amount are welcome and encouraged.

How Does It Work?

SLC will collect contributions for the Teacher Appreciation Fund throughout the school year.  Twice a year, in December and May, all SLC staff members will receive a bonus check commensurate with the number of days they work.

Additionally, the Teacher Appreciation Fund will be used to support Teacher Appreciation Week in March, and if funds allow to host a year-end luncheon in June.  All funds in the SLC Teacher Appreciation Fund will be fully distributed by the end of each academic year.

Room Parents play a significant role in helping to communicate about the TAF, as well as personalizing the distribution of bonus checks each year.